Prof. Frode Bjørdal, Univ. de Oslo, Noruega - "Elements of Librationism", dia 02/03

Colloquium Logicae, dia 02 de março de 2011, às 16h00 no CLE-Unicamp

Professor Frode Bjørdal
Instituto de Filosofia, História da Arte e Línguas Clássicas
Universidade de Oslo, Noruega

Elements of Librationism


"Librationist Closures" is a title i think recommends itself not only for poetical reasons, but also for reasons connected with content. Librationism is the name I have given the foundational system I want to convey some information about. It serves to reconstruct classical mathematics in a system that fully respects classical logic, though it does this while at the same time integrating paradoxical phenomena in a peculiar way reminiscent of though not replicating traditional paraconsistent approaches. The inference rules are novel in librationism. The name librationism is one i coined from "libration", which one may wikipedia for explanation. I found it appropriate because it captures a phenomenon of oscillation in connection with the theory's treatment of paradox. As for closures, these are some we sometimes have also concerning phenomena which do not go away. I may come to a closure concerning my grief of having lost someone. But this does not mean that the grief has passed away, or will pass away, but rather that I manage to roncile with it and live with it. This is one sense in which librationism offers a closure of paradox, and not a resolution or explaining away. As librationism both has it that Russell's sort is a member of itself and also that it is not a member of itself, paradoxicality is not, one sees, relegated. As both these complementary sentences are true, librationism offers closureS. The notion of closure can also be brought into play in connection with other librationist aspects like with the distinction one can make between what can be shown (at a meta level) and what can be said (in the object language. Also, I think of the librationist evasion of Cantor's conclusion that there are over-denumerable infinities as a CLOSURE OFF off of the hierarchy of infinite cardinalities at the lowest possible point, so that there are just denumerably many objects.


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