17/06 (sexta-feira, excepcionalmente) - João Marcos

sexta-feira 17 de junho às 16hs

The Value of the Two Values

João Marcos

Bilattices have proven again and again to be extremely rich
structures from a logical point of view. As a matter of fact,
even if we fix the canonical notion of many-valued entailment and
consider the smallest non-trivial bilattice, distinct logics may
be defined according to the chosen ontological or epistemological
reading of the underlying truth-values. This note will explore
the consequence relations of two variants of Belnap's well-known
4-valued logic, and delve into their interrelationship.
The strategy will be that of reformulating those logics using only
two `logical values', by way of uniform classic-like semantical
and proof-theoretical frameworks, with the help of which such
logics can be more easily compared to each other. For a different
reading of Belnap's logic, we will also propose a combination
mechanism from which it would result in a very natural way.

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