14/05 - Peter Verdée

(Paraconsistent) adaptive logics: a logico-philosophical introduction

In this talk I will introduce adaptive logics as models for rational defeasible reasoning. First I will explain what defeasible reasoning is and why is useful to distinguish rational from irrational defeasible reasoning patterns. I will illustrate that there exist very different forms of defeasible reasoning (induction, abduction, vagueness, inconsistency handling, belief merging, etc.) but that they nevertheless have some formal aspects in common.

Next, I will introduce the Standard Format of Adaptive Logic (SF). I will give a short introduction to the semantics and proof theory of (SF) and will give some examples of adaptive logics within the format of the SF, with special attention for paraconsistent adaptive logics. I will argue why adaptive logics defined within SF are good unifying formalisations of many aspects of defeasible reasoning.

Finally, I will discuss some issues concerning the (computational) complexity of adaptive logics.

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