05/11 - Gabriele Pulcini

A Uniform Setting for Classical, Non-Monotonic and Paraconsistent Logic

In this talk, we propose a uniform syntactical framework encompassing classical, non monotonic and paraconsistent logic. Such a uniform framework is obtained by means of the control sets logical device. Control sets leave the underlying syntax unchanged, while affecting the very combinatorial structure of sequents and proofs. Moreover, we prove the cut-elimination theorem for a version of controlled propositional classical logic, i.e. the sequent calculus for classical propositional logic to which a control sets system is applied. Our goals are two-folds: i) to overcome the conceptual gap between classical and non-classical logics; ii) to give, in particular, a new (positive) account of paraconsistency (and non-monotonicity) in terms of concurrency.

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